Best 12 robot toys for children

Best 12 robot toys for children

Robot toys are delightful toys nowadays .robot toys bring fun and knowledge to everyone .it is helpful to children learn to code and improve cognitive skills and problem-solving, etc. robot toys can be categorized as programmable and nonprogrammable. Before you pick thy robot toys, you have a clear idea about robot toys. Here are the best 12 robots available on the market today. Every robot is different. Therefore you can pick robot toys according to your preferences.

Anki vector – 

Anki Vector is a home robot. You can use it as personal assistance .it can recognize the objects and people. It can avoid obstacles .vactor can take photos, Almas and inform the wither condition .anki vector consist with advanced tech and AI features .one of important feature is vector can talk and receive the voice commands that can give it. Over roll, anki vector is an excellent robot toy for the family as well as children.

Anki Cozmo –

 cosmo is the same appearance as anki vector. It is palm-size robot toy.anki cozmo can control using the mobile phone (IOS/Android). It is suppose robot toy for kids and teenagers. Cozmo facilitates to facial recognition, remember the faces and recite names. Cozmo is a programmable robot therefor you can code that robot using cozmo code lab

CIRO solar robot kit –

This is a robot kit package that you can assemble different ways like different robots. So, there are no batteries required for this robot toy. It is an eco-friendly robot powered by solar power. It works with direct sunlight .this solar robot kit improves the imagination of children. Kids can make different types of robot structures using this robot kit. recommend age 8+.

Wow, wee MIP robot – 

This is a two-wheel interactive robot .it is a multifunctional and autonomous robot toy. It had motion control, sound detection, and Bluetooth features, etc. .you can use the MIP app(ISO/Android) to control this robot.

mTing –

This is a small and cute robot .it can use as an educational robot for growing children. It is able to practice problem-solving and logical thinking abilities. Kids can learn coding, math, English and music, etc. it also has a screen-free operation feature. Hence, no need to use mobile phones or tablets .parts and designing of the robots are safe for children.

Codey Rock- 

Codey rock is a programmable robot that is used to learn programming in a fun way. It has an innovative design structure. The programming of this robot is very easy because of everything in code blocks. If you want advanced programming, it is easy to switch to python.

Wonder workshop dash robot – 

dash robot has a unique design. It is very attractive for everyone .it is designed for learning and fun. Kids can inspire coding and fun through this. It can connect with apps and also use it for professional development. It is specially designed for kids ages 6+

Spherobb8 – 

 sphero is the robot that on the star was a movie. If you are star was fan, you like this robot. It is designed in a plastic toy. sphero can roll around the magnetic stay at the top of the ball. You can use a mobile phone to control the sphere using an app (IOS/Android)

Zoomer Dino –

 It is a Diano robot .most of children like this because it has very color and design .it has a real dinosaur movement. it responds like a real dinosaur such as angry, spins around, and rotates. It is a well-balanced robot with two wheels. It has a unique joystick to control zoomer dino. Zoomer dino smoothly works on a flat surface.

Lego creator robot explorer – 

Lego is the most popular toy company. It has a huge range of Lego robot toys for kids. It is an inexpensive robot it can convert a dog robot into and bird robot. It has green eyes, working tracks, and a rotating body and head.

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