How to learn automation

How to learn automation

Automation is the upcoming industries in the world. Most Manuel and Manuel testing methods converted into automation.

The automation industry can be different according to your interests.

  • Robots process automation
  • Automated software testing
  • Mobile automation testing
  • Automation architect etc.

Advantages of automated testing.

Demand is high- in today’s world, everything is automated. Therefore if you become an automation testing engineer, you have a stronger desire in that field. Your working experience and interaction with automation tools such as selenium, appiume, etc. is the critical fact of that field.

Faster testing –

If you are a Manuel tester, you already know how hard it is and how much time-consuming that process. But automation testing is not like this .it is faster and accurate.

How to learn automation testing

Programming language –

Nowadays, programming skill is a widespread skill among people. It doesn’t matter what kind of filed that you represent, at least you have basic knowledge about programming language. You can learn any programming language according to your carrier and also interest. There is a vast range of programming languages.

  • C/C++
  • Python
  • Java
  • Perl
  • PHP
  • C#
  • SQL

If you beginner in programming the following programming languages that you can follow C or Python.  According to my opinion, I can recommend python learn as the first programming language, because

it is straightforward to learn

  • Open source and also community development
  • user-friendly
  • speed and productivity
  • learning easy
  • a lot of free courses available and even python use in various industries such as web development, machine learning, Neural networks, and robotics
  • Desktop GUI
  • Software development
  • and even business applications etc.

Fundamentals – essential is the most crucial thing if you learn any subject. If you are a qualified automation engineer that is trying to move from Manuel to automation testing, you can understand very easily about automation testing. But, you have to compatible with tools and software of automation testing .you can find lots of online resource and courses of an automated testing subject, and you also get community support.

Set compart with right tools.-

There are many open-source and third-party software for automation testing such as selenium, Appium, test complete,micro-focus, etc. .you can also use another programming language that you already learned. You can use some testing frameworks like cucumber, protractor, Nightwatch, windmill, and watir get as some libraries. Team city and CI also use as continuous integration tools. Crossbrowser is another testing tool that you can pay and get it.

Follow some courses – Udemy, Edex org have the best automation testing course .that you can follow these courses and also get the better knowledge and experience of automation testing. It doesn’t matter if you don’t know anything about automation testing.if you like to be an automation testing engineer step by step you can learn these online resources and also the paid or free courses

As an automation testing engineer, start the testing system in small. It is beneficial to you get the experience of the tools and working environment.

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