How to learn robotics 8 tips

How to learn robotics

Robotics is a fascinating field, and it is a part of automation. You can learn robotics as a hobby or as a future carrier. In other ways, there are various upcoming jobs based on robotics. Robotics is not one field .it is a combination of electronics, programming, designing, physics, and also some mathematical parts.

Follow the online course:-

There are many courses available on the internet about robotics .you can learn from these kinds, of course, .these are the some best courses that you can apply now. Coursera,future learn,udemy, edex org.

Learn about electronics:-

If you consider any robot, almost all the things are base on electronics .therefore. It is better to have a good knowledge of electronics. You can also join an online course or electronics class to learn electronics.

Learn Programming:-

 Another essential part is programming .because if cant gives instruction, it is just a collection of mechanical and electronic components. So programming plays the leading role in robotics. As a beginner, you can learn Arduino .actually, it is straightforward to learn. If you want more in-depth, you can learn — some programming languages like c python or java.

Python is one of the most popular in robotics because we can do a lot of areas such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, Image processing, and neural network using python. PIC and PLC are some advanced programmings .it is also apply to robotics .when you become some experience level with robotics, you can follow these fields

Design – 

There are various types of robots, such as industrial, military, cleaning robots, humanoid robots, etc.; every robot is different according to its purpose. Before you create any sophisticated robot, you have designed it. First, you can use various types of 3D simulation software such as solid works, Autodesk inventor sketch up, etc. it facilitates the creation of physical structures and components. And you can sketch some parts on paper.

Books, online communities, groups:-

You can learn and get a lot of experience if you following groups and communities Because when you come across a new problem, you can find the solution immediately. There are many books about robotics. You can study some advanced robots available today, .and also you can learn theories about robotics.

Study science and mathematics:-

Suppose you build some advanced robots. You will need a better knowledge of physics. Motion, angles, momentum velocity, these types of things you will have to familiarize, trigonometric, coordinate system, complex notations, statics are the most important things that that you interact with advanced robots. Get familiar with these mathematics and physics .you can enroll in these courses.

  • Coursera
  • Udemy
  • Edex
  • Khan academy


An essential thing in robotics. If you learn many things, but you will never practice, .you cant interact with robots. So every time you try to do practices and try to build new things, you have to good knowledge about theories and their practical applications. Join some robotics projects and participate in robot competitions .you will able to get great experience about robotics.

Robotics engineering – 

You can choose robotics as your carrier .there are many jobs based on robotics. Most of the companies are looking for automation and robotics engineers for their companies. You can enroll in university and read for a robotics degree (mechatronics, automation), and also, you can follow online courses as well. Experience and practice are the most critical things in robotics engineering.

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