Top robotics companies in the world

Top 11 robotics companies in the world

Everywhere, every time we see the different types of robotics applications because everything is automated. A lot of factories using automation systems and robotics solutions. Somehow because of robots, most of the jobs are disappearing, and new job opportunities are created. Who is building these types of advanced robotics solutions? Here are the top robotics companies globally; they are offering a valuable solution that can be used everywhere.

  1. ABB
  2. KUKA
  3. Fanuc
  4. Yaskawa
  5. Boston Dynamics
  6. Rethink robotics
  7. Ubtech
  8. I robot
  9. Epson Robots
  10. Diligent robotics
  11. Universal Robots.

ABB ( A Sea Brown Boveri)

Category – industrial

ABB is a swiss Swedish multinational company headquartered in Zurich, Switzerland. It developed heavy electrical equipment and automation technologies. ABB has various types of industrial robot arms and robot software.ABB in 23 countries and have installed more than 400,00 robots in industries.

ABB provides:-

  • Industrial robots
  • Controllers
  • Equipment accessories
  • Application software
  • Robot studio (learn robotics controlling monitoring and operate )
  • Services

KUKA (Kukac Keller and Knappich Augsbaryl )

Category:- industrial

KUKA is another leading industrial robotics solution provider. The company found in 1989 in Augsburg, Germany.

Primary services from KUKA robotics

Robot systems:-

  • KUKA industrial robots
  • KUKA ready packs
  • KUKA robot controllers
  • KUKA robot periphery
  • Linear kinematics systems
  • KUKA laser cutting gantry
  • KUKA education
  • KUKA Carla connect (charging robots for electric cars )

Production machine:-

  • Contract manufacturing at KUKA
  • Foundry products
  • Rotational friction welding machine
  • Magnetic Welding machine

Production system:-

  • Automotive system engineering
  • KUKA cell_4 production system
  • Technology consultant
  • Standard products for automation

Kuka robots have their own programming language, also known as lay KRL (like pascal ). It is property language. That also used to control KUKA robots.



This is a group of companies headquarters from japan. Fanuc has worldwide networks such as Europe, Asia, South Africa, Oceania, and America .the company had a long history since 1956. Fanuc provides a huge range of robotics and automation solutions for the world.

FA products:– 

  • CNC series
  • Servo motor, servo amplifiers
  • Lasers.

Robot products:- 

  • Articulated robots
  • Delta robots

Intelligent features.

  • Robo machine products:-
  • Robodrill(compact machine center)
  • Robot shot(Electric injection modeling machine )
  • Robo cut (Wire cut electric discharge machine)
  • Robo nano (ultra-precision machine)
  • Field system products:- Fanuc intelligent system and drive system


Category :- Electrical equipment & robotics

This is an electric corporation and also a robotics company .the company found in 1915. It manufactures servos, motion controllers, AC motor drivers, industrial robots. Yaskawa had subsidiaries worldwide.

Here are some services and products of yaskawa


  • Industrial AC drivers
  • H VAC drivers
  • Iq pump drivers
  • Elevator drivers
  • Medium voltage drivers

AC motors


Machine controllers

Sigma -7 servo production

Sigma -5 servo production


  • Articulated robots
  • Delta robots
  • Miniature robots
  • Teach pendant

Boston dynamics:-

Boston dynamics is American engineering and robotics company. It was founded in 1992 by marc raibert. Boston Dynamics is famous for dog robots. The first robot is a big dog designed for the U.S military. gradually the company improve the dog robots, and also they made humanoid type robots also

Products of Boston dynamics

  • Big dog
  • Cheetah
  • Little Dog
  • PetMAN
  • LS3
  • Atlas
  • Spotmini
  • Handle

Rethink Robotics

It formerly Heartland robotics, Inc, .founded in 2008 by Rodney Brooks, Ann Whittaker. This company is trying to build low-cost robots.


  • Intera software platform
  • Collaborative robot
  • Click smart gripper kits.


Category :- Artificial intelligence and humanoid robots.

The company was founded in 2012. These robots are beneficial to home and business .it also provide UBTech education for robotics .this company focus on humanoid types of robots.

Here are the products of this company

  • Buzz bot &Mutt bot
  • Lynx with Amazon Alexa
  • First-order stormtrooper Robot
  • Alpha 1E
  • Cruzer

I robot:-

Category- Robotics

The company was founded in 1990 by three MIT graduates. This company focus on building a robot for space exploration, military defense, and consumer robots. I robot produce a range of autonomous home vacuum cleaners (cleaning devices).

Examples:- Roomba, Braava, Terra, I robot education coding robot

Epson robotics:-

Category:- Robotics, Industries, Home

This is a leading industrial robotics company .the company produces factory automation products and solutions. Epson robots offer different types of SCARA robots such as T Series, G series, RS Series, LS Series . 6 axis robot is another product of Epson. These series of robots are different according to the performance and purpose.

Diligent robotics:-

Category:- Robot assistant

This company creates robot assistants that people with chores.MOXI is the main robotics product of this company. It has mobile manipulation, Social intelligence, and human-guided learning capabilities.MOXI

can use to help clinical and patient care.

Universal Robots:-

Category:- automation

This company founded in 2005 by Esben Østergaard, Kasper Støy, Kristian Kassow. Headquarters in Odense, Denmark. It manufactured flexible industrial robot arms. The robot arms used for in various industries

  • Food and agriculture
  • Furniture and equipment
  • Electronic and technology
  • Melt and machine
  • Automotive and subcontractors
  • Plastic and polymers
  • Scientific and research
  • Pharmacy and chemistry

This company also provides an online free robotics course for everyone who interests in robotics and automation systems.

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