What are the robot programming languages?

What are the robot programming languages?

In the early ages, robots programmed with low-level languages such as MHL, VAL, SIGLA, etc. These languages can only perform basic movements. In today’s world, we are using high-level programming languages for programming robots.

Programming is one of the important parts of any robot, and without programming the robot, it is just a machine. Simply, robot programming can be defined as a set of instructions that give a specific order to perform the robot. It is a well-defined flow. these are the common skills in robot programming

  • Data structure
  • Algorithms
  • Design patterns

There are various programming languages in the industry which use for programming for robots. Each language has unique features that belong to each language. Most of them have a question on which language for ideally for robots ./ what are the robot programming languages. The answer is very clear and simple. If anyone wants to learn how to program robots, ask yourself first, why am I learn robot programming? (it may be as a carrier hobby or fun ) If it is for the carrier to learn the programming basics, then select one programming language which uses in robots. Master it and move to other languages if is it necessary. I cannot say, these are the best programming languages used in robotics. But I list down the most common and popular programming languages that available now.


C++ is the most popular Object-oriented language which uses to

model control navigation and C and C++ Run Robotics ecosystem.

Most beginners are learning C and C ++ programming languages. The reason is C / C ++ language has formed the basis for many languages. C++ is an object-oriented language that consists of various tools library and functions. C and C++ interact with low-level hardware, real-time works. (Arduino programming derived from this)


Python Is a rapidly growing problem in language today Used in various industries for data Science, web development, artificial intelligence, etc. These language is easy to use, and many beginners learn this as a first programming language. It is a high-level programming language that is used for the fundamentals of embedded systems in robotics. Python is also used in Robot operating system and works with hardware like Raspberry Pi Arduino. The cords a few lines comparatively C, C + + and Java.


 MATLAB is a great robot programming software that consists of Toolbox and Simulink. Simulink help with simulation and model-based design, which connect with MATLAB algorithms. MATLAB facilitates connecting and work with the algorithm. MATLAB work with Robot operating system, Arduino Raspberry Pi, and programming languages like C, C++

Some Functions of MATLAB

  • General technical data and graphs
  • Matrices analysis
  • Forward kinematics
  • inverse kinematics
  • Image processing
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Collect the sensory data and processing
  • Motion and path planning

These are some other languages which involve in robot programming.

Java is an interpretive language that uses in some parts of the robotics field.

C#.NET use in robotics developer studio platforms

Pascal:- it was the first programming language that basic of most industrial robot programming languages. It was old and was not use in common.

Scratch:- is a very easy drag and drops visual programming language, especially for kids.

LISP programming language is using robots and some parts of ROS base on LISP

Hardware description language is using programming low-level electronic robots.

Bonus tip:-

How to learn any programming language

Programming is an essential skill for every industry. Programming is nothing special thing but a type of decision-making pattern. Our lifestyle is also in a pattern such alike programming, and according to our purpose, we can change the pattern(habits). There are various programming languages such as Java, Python, C, C++, C#, Ruby, etc. The core of programming is how you see the problem and what are methods you are using to solve that problem; that’s called logical thinking of our brain.

According to my personal experience, I will list down how I learn to program stepwise.

  1. Look at the problem that you want to solve, then understood it from your mind.
  2. Draw a flow chart or write pseudocode to your problem( a flow chart is a standard symbol and a way how to show the problem ). I think a flow chart is an easy way to do that, according to my experience.
  3. Choose the programming language that you prefer and then write the problem of flow chat according to the choosing programming language and its syntaxes.
  4. Start with one programming language first, then move to other languages. You can identify one problem that can write in different syntax and ways from different programming languages, but the core(core means problem) is one.


In the end, these are the key points of today’s article.

My recommendation is to learn an easy language first, like python, then you can practice it. Naturally, you can build a programming mindset because of the price. Python language uses in a variety of industries, and it is related to the robotics field as well.

Feel free to comment and questions. What is your favorite language, and why you choose it?

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