Different types of robots

Types of robotics

There are different types of robots in the world. Most of them build according to the requirements. Every robot can be classified under usage and industry.

These are the main types/classification of robots: –

Industrial robots: –

These robots are working in a factory environment. Most of the factory employees are replaced because of these industrial robots. These robots have specific arms and movements according to their task. Industrial robots have different types.

  • Arc welding robots:-Machine tending robots, Spot welding robots
  • Material handling robots
  • Assembly robots
  • Painting robots
  • Drilling robots
  • Milling robots etc.

KUKAABBYASKAWA, FANUC are some leading industrial robot manufacturing companies. BMW, BENZ, Amazon warehouse are using industrial robots for their manufacturing process

Biomedical robots:- 

A healthy life is one of the essential things for any human in the world. In hospitals, doctors and nurses involve treatments and surgeries, .but nowadays, robotics is coming for these treatments and doing complex surgery .these robots are also called medical robots; these are some applications of biomedical robots.

  •  Complex surgeries
  • Diagnosis of patient
  • Bionic prosthesis
  • Nanorobots
  • Therapeutic robots

Humanoid robots:-

 Humanoid robots are robots that overall appear like humans. The body shape and movement are like humans .humanoid robots also have two arms, two legs, a face, etc., like humans.

Humanoid robots are still at research levels .the problem with these robots is they can not think like humans. And also, a robot does not have consciousness and soul. These are some examples of humanoid robots.

  • ATLAS-Boston dynamics
  • PETMAN -Boston dynamics
  • Pepper -Softbank robotics
  • Sophia – Hanson robotics
  • Asimo- honda
  • Poppy –
  • Nao
  • Actroid – Kokoro Company Ltd
  • I cube:- I cube.org

Valkyrie robot – NASA 

Humanoid robots can perform human tasks like personal assistance, assistance sick and elderly, dangerous and complicated jobs, disaster operations. Some humanoid robots can talk, sing, play music, dance, identify facial expressions, etc.

Humanoid robots are sophisticated and advanced robots nowadays. The humanoid robot is the collection of artificial intelligence, machine learning, neural network, etc.

The human body is a very complex one; how is it possible to make the human body and mind artificially.

Consumer robots:- consumer robots are using the day to day life. Consumer robots help people to more comfortable with day-to-day tasks.

  • Vacuum robot- Roomba
  • Petcare robots
  • Children care systems

Anki vector

Military robots:-

 Every country has active military service. Robots are involving in this industry as well. We can call these types of robots artificial, more solid, or robot solider.

Military robots for,

  • War
  • Snipe detect
  • Neutralizing explosive devices
  • Rescue the surveillance
  • Carrying heavy backpacks and guns
  • Spy services (spy drones)
  • Firing missile


  •           Maars
  •           LS3-Boston dynamics
  •           Big dog -Boston dynamics

The main advantage of a military robot is serving the soldiers’ lives. The robots can work faster and accurately .military robots can reach dangerous places like explosive lands. Sometimes, these robots are hacking by enemies.

Aerospace robots:-

We can call flying robots or space robots. All the flying robots are including aerospace robots. These automated robots make complex manufacturing tasks easier.

  • Inspection
  • Drilling and fasten
  • Welding
  • Sealing and dispensing are the main phases of aerospace robots

Educational robots:-

These robots were built for educational purposes. Robotics is the most significant area in the world. So everyone has a better knowledge of robotics. These robots can use home or classrooms to learn. Specially .children can develop their skills such as creativity and imagination, learning through mistakes, critical thinking, etc.

These are the popular educational robot kits available on markets.

  • Mbot
  • Thymio  
  •  Moss
  • Robotic dream series 
  • Bioloid
  • Lego Mindstorms
  • Dash and dot
  • Rokit smart
  • Soe bot

Entertainment robots:-

These robots have emotional and entertainment responses to people. It makes smile and happy for everyone .toys are one of the categories of entertainment robot. They can perform various tasks and tricks according to human commands. These robots can identify the current situation and respond to it. e.g., when you feel unhappy, sad some robots can understand your feeling through the facial expression, then robot try to make you laugh or happy

Aquatic robots:-

          These robots are using underwater. Aquatic robots can be diving like a human ( but diving methods may be different ). The physical appearance of the diving robots is various such as snake shape, fish shape, crab shape, humanoid shape, etc.

These robots are using to

  • Discover the deep ocean
  • Construction works underwater
  • Offshore oil and gas plant use these type of aquatic robots to discover the unctuous
  • Examples:- Anymal,ARGONATU, elume, etc.

Construction robots:- 

Engineers can complete many projects with the help of construction robots. Construction robots are faster than Manuel laborers like humans. The lower operating cost is another advantage of construction robots.

Construction robots use as

  • House painting robots
  • Brick bond robots
  • Molding robots
  • Self-driving dumpers in the construction area
  • Survey robots for land measurements

Chef robots:-

 These robots use for making foods according to the recipe. Chef robots are essential for restaurants and hotels to deliver delicious meals to their customers. Robot chefs are faster and eminency. But they don’t have creativity. Therefore still, human chefs are better than robot chiefs .how ever collaboration of both of them can make delicious foods.

Agricultural robots:- agricultural field is critical to people because of foods coming from agriculture — most of the time, robotics application use in the harvesting stage to reduce the post-harvest loss.

These are some agricultural robots.

  • Fruit picking robots
  • Driverless tractors
  • Automatic milking
  • Weed control etc.

Camera-equipped drones are analysis plants’ growth, crop stress, Identify some diseases. Heavy drones use to deliver payloads such as fertilizer and water to farms.

These are the main types of robots available today. Robotics are involved in every industry nowadays. Most of the time, people lost their jobs because of robots. however, this is the future of the world

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