What is robotics

What is robotics

Robotics is the collection of technology, science, engineering, programming, and also electronics. robots are used in various industries, such as

  • Hospitals
  • Hotels
  • Schools
  • Military activities
  • Automation factories

Most of the human jobs will be replaced due to robotics .how ever, robotics is one of the significant upcoming fields today. The word of robotics came from ROBOTA (labor or work )

Robots are involved in AI, and that is, the machine can do complex tasks or actions.

Isaac Asimo is the first person to use the robotics teams; according to Asimo, there are mainly three laws of robotics

  1. Robots are never hurt or injured humans
  2. A robot must obey the instruction and orders given by the human with the first rule
  3. A robot must protect themselves without violating the first or second rule

Every robot can be a machine, but every device can not be a robot.

If a robot can

  • Think: As humans, we can think using brain and mind, .but robots using microcontrollers or microprocessors. Most of the time, humans give a massive capacity of instructions to robots; using that, it can work.
  • Sense:- a sense of environment like humans. Humans used the nose, ear, mouth for sense, but robots using sensors to sense light sensors, touch sensors, temperature sensors, ultrasonic sensors.
  • Act:- humans act using their body parts such as legs, hands .robots operate using motors and other mechanical parts .robotics elements and activities depend on the robots.

There are various types of robots today.

  • Military robots 
  • Healthcare robots
  • Humanoid robots
  • Industrial robots
  • Biotechnology robots
  • Agricultural robots


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